Your Health Matters – The Importance of Clinical Research

Your Health Matters – The Importance of Clinical Research

There are many firsts in today’s world, exploration and flight, invention, science and transportation. First’s in sport, first for women, and environmental firsts, all of these are extremely important in society but none more important than those of medical and healthcare firsts.

It would be impossible to get by without your health, so when our health & wellbeing is compromised, we have come to expect and rely on medical advice and treatment. Medicines help us deal with our ailments but what do we do when the treatment options aren’t working or we would prefer not to deal with the side-effects?

Important firsts in modern healthcare vary but the clinical trial must be ranked among the top modern medical firsts.

Clinical trials help us to learn what works and what doesn’t, anecdotal evidence or expert opinions are useful at times but they are not always reliable. The only way to know if a therapy, medical or otherwise, is efficacious – having shown to achieve a statistically significant result over a placebo effect – is to test it in order to determine a pattern of improvement among those receiving treatment.

Clinical trials are a key research tool for advancing medical knowledge and patient care. There are many good reasons why clinical studies are important, the results can affect many more patients, they bring new treatments to market, they provide good information and they test safety and efficacy, these are just a few.

The reason why I am highlighting the importance of clinical research is because there are too many products being sold today that are lacking in this area, no science-based evidence, no clinical research just anecdotal opinions being expressed by sales people only interested in sales and greed.

When you reach into your pocket or purse to part with your hard-earned money make certain the product you are buying has been tested and shown to be safe and to work.

My next article will be on the importance of “independent” testing to validate safety and efficacy of a product formula. All too often we hear about or read that a product being sold was tested and found to have little to none of the ingredients listed on the label. This is not only deceitful but can be extremely dangerous.

Thanks for taking the time to read along, after all it’s your health and your health matters.