Your Health
    That's Why

 We Care

Your Health Matters
That's Why We Care


After 25 years in the nutritional supplement industry we have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

As a company, we have one goal: to make the world a better place by helping people with their health.

To fully understand us, you need to understand the principles that guide us:

  • People and their health
  • Quality ingredients & manufacturing procedures
  • Safe & effective results driven formulas proven by science

Our focus has always been on developing safe and innovative formulas with the most effective ingredients supported by clinical research.

We are category leaders, after developing several top brands we have turned our attention to formulating the best joint care product available. We want to help those suffering with joint health issues to enjoy healthier pain free lives. This formula has been 2+ years in the development and testing phase and is now available to you.

I hope this gives you better insight. You see, we’re re-imagining the future of joint health. For us, YOUR health matters, that’s why we care.

No matter whether you’re a professional elite or youth athlete, student player, weekend warrior or an active adult, we want to help you achieve optimal joint health.

With unique innovation and research-backed ingredients Next GEN Health Products is now leading the way in Joint Health.